Frozen Dolls-Disney Frozen Skating Elsa Doll

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Your daughter loves this Frozen Elsa Doll. It is good quality. You will get this 13 inch frozen Elsa doll with multi color option.

Recreate the magical movie moment when Elsa ice skates to celebrate the end of a wintry spell, or make up new adventures of your own. Elsa wears a beautiful ice skating fashion inspired by her signature dress in the movie. Look for Ice Skating Anna to double the Frozen fun.





Frozen Dolls 

Kids can join the royal sisters from Frozen for ice skating fun around the kingdom with the Disney Frozen Elsa Doll. With just a simple push, this cute Frozen Dolls character glides gracefully back and forth, arms and leg moving elegantly. Children can recreate the movie moment when the sisters ice skate to celebrate the end of winter or they can make up icy cool adventures of their own.

Frozen Dolls

To use the skating frozen dolls, you simply need to attach it to the base, which takes only a moment. From there, the Disney Elsa frozen dolls offers a unique ice skating fantasy that is inspired by the film. Children can also style her beautiful blonde hair, creating new looks and enhancing her beauty. If your little one loves Disney’s Frozen, she is sure to enjoy this skating doll.

Features of Elsa frozen dolls

1. Frozen Dolls Fun
In Disney’s hit movie Frozen, sisters Anna and Elsa work together to save their kingdom from a wintry curse and after it’s been saved, they work together to teach Anna to ice skate. It’s a touching and triumphant moment that fans of the film will love re creating with this charming Elsa frozen dolls that mimics skating motion.

2. Show stopping Moves
Simply guide Elsa doll along while holding her ankle, and as she rolls forward, her arms and legs move for graceful skating action. Pull back to return her to an upright position, then applaud an amazing performance. Little hands can also attach Elsa doll to the pretty pink snowflake-shaped base by her blue ice skate and push for even easier skating action.

3. Signature Style
Elsa frozen dolls look beautiful in her signature outfit with sparkling blue on her bodice. A removable blue skirt and sparkling sheer cape add to the storytelling fun. And of course, she tops the look with a pretty blue princess tiara.

4. Skate Happily Ever After
Girls will love skating into happily ever after with this Elsa frozen dolls that allows them to re create favorite moments and tell new imaginative stories. Collect her sister, Ice Skating Anna Doll, to double the fun and the possibilities.


  1. Re create magical movie moments with the help of this Disney Elsa doll.
  2. Make up new adventures, creating beautiful routines.
  3. Attach the Disney Elsa doll to the base for easy ice skating action.
  4. Roll her forward and her arms and legs move in elegant ice skating form.
  5. Beautiful ice skating fashion inspired by the movie.
  6. Size of skating doll: 12.75″H x 9″W x 3.38″D.


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